Visuals are worth

thousands of words.

We exemplify that.

Curtians are curious creatives using thoughtful designs to curt marketing content to the chase, making the web more visual and funner to navigate.

Our story

Another design agency wasn’t the plan.

Curt started while running our SaaS content marketing come Product-Led Storytelling B2B content studio, Our clients struggled to give target ICPs differentiated reading experiences, communicate without stuffing too many words down peoples throats, or easily distribute the text-only content we crafted for them, even though they were so good.

And you can tell why.

Digital platforms have become more visual. Also the trend towards becoming a media company is here to stay. In this new reality, text-only marketing assets often gets skipped. You need creative to stand out. To help solve the problem, created a design arm that began making the pieces it crafted more visual with in-content designs, product screenshots, GIFs, data visualizations, branded creatives, etc.

At first, we thought this would only give clients design assets to distribute content on today's visual-dominating social platforms. Wrong! These in-content designs made published pieces more comprehensible, scannable (without missing the message conveyed), readable, and, yes, more shareable.

And Curt evolved into a DesignOps Studio to help other busy founders and small marketing teams achieve the same.

Our vision

To help make the web more empowering, memorable, and distributable with design.

Our mission

Develop curious minds who'll use thoughtful design to simplify today's web information for tomorrow's users.

We breathe design.

And these core values:

Keep It Simple Sweet

We strive to keep all designs simple sweet. This helps you grasp attention and pass your message before target readers blink an eye or scroll past your brand on feeds.

Different, Not Better

Designs that stands out and stands the test of time isn't necessarily better. It is different. It is unique and quickly attributable to a brand. Those are the kinds Curt creates.

Show, Don't Just Tell

Empowering target audiences with design needs more than nice creatives. It shows and doesn't just tell a communicated message. Getting this right is at our core.

Meet us.

Nyiabari Joseph

Design Lead

Bryan Benibo

Marketing Design Illustrator

McCarthy Owie

Marketing Designer

Ashley Richadson

Creative Director

Victor Eduoh

Strategic Advisor & Founder

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Best for solo founders and small marketing teams.

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Marketing Design Analysis

Always-on full design team

Dedicated account manager

Custom creative onboarding

Two (2) brands

24/7 support

15 days money back guarantee



Best for startups, scale-ups, and mid-sized marketing teams.

6 hours daily design work (~120 hrs/month)

Marketing Design Analysis

Always-on full design team

Dedicated account manager

Custom creative onboarding

Five (5) brands

24/7 support

15 days money back guarantee

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