WriterZen is the perfect all-in-one tool for every blogger or writer. It integrates keyword research, SEO optimization, and content creation

WriterZen is a B2B SaaS Company that provides tools that helps organizations, marketers, content creators . It is a cloud-based SEO management software designed to help businesses generate, analyze, and optimize website content. WriterZen is headquartered in Singapore.

We were contacted to provide relevant content designs for WriterZen for its blog section and assets for other marketing channels. We began by studying the already existing brand guidelines and assets that make up the WriterZen brand.

We ideated on different Ideas that would simplify the process of using the WriterZen tools by their customers and audience. In a strategic fusion with the Content Marketing Team, we were able to provide designs that explained the thoughts of WriterZen.

We aimed to be as curt in our presentation of ideas and we are glad that the WriterZen team found our collaboration productive.

In-content Designs

Prior to this time, WriterZen's blog post had been made of text, we added visual designs tailored for their marketing goals and objectives and that fits with their audience experience.

In-content designs are custom designs that illustrates the idea that stands tall and is a fit for Writerzen and its users. We showed the importance and usefulness of Writerzen product to its users and the dynamic flow that users could experience when they make use of it.

These designs also includes user-generated content of people who had used WriterZen to solve their problems.


We took a contextual approach when designing CTA buttons for Writerzen. CTA buttons were designed based on the context we wanted a user to take action on, these led to different design patterns/style being tried. We arrived at what is used currently by WriterZen.

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